Formed in a garage in the heart of San Francisco's Richmond District, Pure Hex was conceived following an evolution of various projects by members Zach Dighans (vocals, rhythm guitar), Max Edelman (drums) and Ian Hodges (bass) who began collaborating together under the name Stranger in 2016. 


With the addition of lead guitarist Hussain Khan and vocalist Marta Alvarez in 2018, the outfit's sound has transitioned from one-way rhythm based to an all-encompassing sonic undertaking. Following the addition of Jon Annunziato on drums, Pure Hex was formed. 


Layers of guitar textures ornament the overarching rhythm section, adding depth under Alvarez's wistfully reverberating vocals. A marriage of influences ranging in breadth from the delicate to the extreme, Pure Hex has a raw but refined sound, cementing their intentions and aspirations as a new creative fixture in the independent music world. 


Bay Area indie rock outfit The Moondrops are made up of Hussain Khan (Guitars/Vocals), Craig Lager (Guitars/Vocals), Alex Bru (Drums/vocals), and Luke Clingerman (Bass).

Drawing inspiration from psych pop, surf rock, dream wave, and a splash of soul, they create a catchy yet unique soundscape. Having started in 2016, the band has steadily progressed from playing packed house shows to filling venues across Northern California. The Moondrops’ fan base continues to grow as their sound evolves, and their notoriously energetic performances keep fans wanting more.


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Jillian "Bean" White, Franky Kohn and Lauren DiQuattro met during their time at UC Santa Cruz. Day Trip began with Franky and Jillian writing songs together with an electronic drummer. Once Lauren joined the project, they fired the robot drummer and never looked back.


Taking inspiration from Warpaint, The Smiths and The Cure, Day Trip fuses sparse arrangements and catchy, complex instrumentals with strong lyrics, wispy vocals and driving drums to fill the room with more sound than you could ever expect from these three sweet peas.


They have gone on to play with Crumb, Douse, Taleen Kali, Foliage, Video Age, Cathedral Bells, awakebutstillinbed, gal pal, Sundae Crush, Scott Yoder, Sloth & Turtle, Weep Wave, Shoobies, Practicing Sincerity, BB Sinclair, DEWR and Alms.


Primrosa is an experimental indie duo made up of guitarist Jon Annunziato and singer Marta Alvarez. Marta and Jon met in 2015 in Santa Cruz where they began recording music together and playing open mics. Functioning as a remote recording project since 2019, Primrosa is ready to release new music in 2020.

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